By Tony Hanson

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A mother’s pain and allegedly misplaced trust is detailed at the clergy abuse trial. The jury has now heard from the mother of a man, who testified last week that he was assaulted in 1996 during an overnight stay at a priest’s residence.

The witness has testified Father James Brennan was like a brother to her, uncle to her children. But things changed after that overnight incident. Her son would only say something weird happened. She and her husband confronted Father Brennan, who, she says, acknowledged something inappropriate happened, but said they had to talk to their son.

Father Brennan has pleaded not guilty.

Defense attorney William J Brennan, no relation, had challenged the alleged victim’s credibility, and emphasized through questioning that the mother maintained a friendly relationship with Father Brennan for another decade. She says now she can’t explain it and will never forgive herself for it.