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By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – New research indicates cell phone use is becoming more and more common at the Elementary School age. Some 3rd graders at Folk Arts Cultural Treasures Charter School in Center City talk about their interactions with mobile devices.

According to a new study, cell phone users are getting younger and younger. Research compiled by Bridgewater University indicated 20 percent of third graders now own cell phones.

“I love my cell phone!”

Kuznits: “You do?”

“Yeah! Really much! Because I can do anything I want with it.”

The study was conducted for the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center to determine whether this readily accessible technology contributes to cyber-bullying.  As it turns out, some children as young as eight-years-old are attune to the complications technology can cause:

“Because when people text you, you think they’re taking it seriously but they’re actually joking.  I don’t wanna get tangled and like confused.”

Kuznits: “What do you think is a good age to have a cell phone?”

“Like a teenager.”

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