5:40 Rick Santorum dropped out of the Republican race for President yesterday.

Rick Santorum (Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

5:44 A reporter posted on Twitter that Newt Gingrich has survived the “Santorum Surge“.

5:48 Mike Huckabee started his new nationally syndicated talk show yesterday with a planted call.

5:58 Rick Santorum’s view on social issues are being blamed for what caused his campaign’s demise.

6:11 Miami Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen apologized yesterday and was suspended five games by the team for praising Fidel Castro.

6:40 Chris Christie appeared with George W. Bush at the New York Forum to discuss taxes.

6:44 President Obama defended the Buffett Rule yesterday in Florida.

6:59 Politico to Jocks: Just Shut Up!

7:10 Chris talks to John Hayward, a Contributor to Human Events, about Rick Santorum dropping out of the Republican Primary Race for President.

7:40 Chris talks to MLB.com Reporter Todd Zolecki about the Phillies lack of offense to start the season.

Jimmy Rollins (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)

8:11 Chris talks to Philadelphia Magazine Editor, Tom McGrath, about Philadelphians cheating on their taxes and kids not being allowed to bring in cupcakes for their birthdays in school.

8:45 Some are defending Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen after his comments about Fidel Castro.

8:47 Rutgers University is investigating a satirical news article in a student newspaper.