By Veronica Dudo

E! Network’s wildly popular TV show Ice Loves Coco features rapper and actor Ice-T and his wife model and actress Coco. The pair delighted fans when their Bulldog, Spartacus joined them on the red carpet at the Pool After Dark inside Harrah’s Resort.

With season two of their reality TV show airing, Ice-T and Coco shared their secret to marriage, talked about their upcoming projects and the possibility of starting a family during their Atlantic City trip!

Welcome to Atlantic City! I see you brought Spartacus; he has a very charmed life?

Ice-T: Yeah, you know it was a special request–they asked we bring Spartacus he always wants to go to the party so he’s coming in with us.

Coco: Yes, he’s ready to pop bottles–he’s actually hosting tonight we’re just along for the ride.

You have been married for over 10 years–what is the secret to a happy union?

Ice-T: A lot of communication, respect I think now days a relationship is a partnership so you have to be an asset not a liability; teammate not an opponent and you got to assume that everything that comes out of your spouse’s mouth is intelligent. You can’t have a mate where every time he opens his mouth you want to attack it and destroy it you guys got to say we’re both pushing in the same direction right, we’re both trying to win together and if you think of it more like a teammate it’ll help.

Coco: I think you need to find someone who wants to do the same thing you want to do or see’s the same views as you do. That’s going to be hard if you’re trying to change their mind it’s never going to happen.

(credit: Tom Briglia/PhotoGraphics Photography)

You’ve been very vocal on the show about embracing your curves have you received good feedback from fans?

Coco: Oh, 100 percent. It’s still magazines; they say that I’m fat still—I just can’t understand that but I guess in their eyes I am but I like to think that I’m healthy. I’m just standing up for the Barbie girls you know when the little girls grow up you see the Barbie’s and they want to be that well I’m a healthier Barbie.

You’ve also talked about the possibility of expanding your family–where are you with that?

Coco: Well, there are projects I must complete before I move on to that and I know for myself just from being a mom to Spartacus I’m a really big nurturer and I’m very compassionate. Once I start something I got to finish and complete it before I move on to the next move so therefore if I have children I’m not going to want to do anything else I want to cater just to them. I know this because he’s (Spartacus) my dog-son right now and I do everything for this little guy.

Ice-T: Really, he’s spoiled!

Ice Loves Coco is hugely popular–did you ever think you would get those ratings when you first started?

Ice-T: No, because if you do the track record most reality shows are based on drama and chaos and we weren’t willing to do it for the sake of the show so we thought we were going to give a show that people would be bored with. I was like we’re just going to have fun, show life how it really is for us and people liked it but we were totally prepared to not do the show. We were like look if that’s what you want I’m sorry but we can’t give you that; that wouldn’t be real to us and I was totally prepared for the network to say we got to spice it up–we need a little drama. It’s a unique formula and now, you’re going to see a lot more reality shows probably try to fake it (laughs) they’re going to try to fake happy.

Coco: I think we have a spicy life already so I don’t think we need to do it up in anyway.

(credit: Tom Briglia/PhotoGraphics Photography)

What are some upcoming projects?

Ice-T: There’s four more episodes of the show so there’s a lot of surprises ahead.

Coco: Of-course there’s Licious clothing still popping. And that’s for the curvy women so that’s for a girl that loves to just embrace their curves and show it off a little so you can go from being nice and comfy during the day to sexy at night.

Ice-T: You got to go to–that’s Coco’s business. And I have a movie that I directed called, The Art of Rap which will be in theatres June 15 so you’ll hear about that coming up. We actually show it on the show; going to Sundace it got picked up and so it will be out in theaters and of-course Law and Order.

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