By Diana Rocco

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “iWatch,” the mobile app soon to be introduced by the Philadelphia Police Department, is already up and running.

The App was created by Dan Elliot of “thinQware.”

Elliot saw a need for something to centralize police information after his brother’s fiancé was killed twenty years ago on her college campus. The information wasn’t readily available that according to Elloit “a bad guy” was on the loose and she became his next victim.

Elliot says this allows for people to text or send in tip to police without ever being identified.

“At no point is the identity of the tipster ever revealed to a law enforcement agency or to anyone.”

In 2008, Elliot introduced the app, which puts all media sources of social media in one place. It allows users to send tips to the Police Department, access the department’s Facebook page, send pictures, map, locations and access police “hot sheets” complete with YouTube surveillance video of wanted criminals.

In Dallas “I watch” tips lead police to 77 felony arrests in less than two years.

The Borough of Colwyn is also rolling out the App sometime next week. Colwyn Deputy Chief of Police is hoping this will allow teens to feel more comfortable coming forward with information.

“It should send a clear message to criminals everywhere that nobody’s tolerating crime,” Colwyn Deputy Chief Wendell Reed.

Police say this does not take the place of 911.