By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The accused and the accuser in the clergy abuse case were expected in court today.

A man who claims he was sexually assaulted by defendant Father James Brennan in 1996 was scheduled to testify.

The prosecution alleges the victim was 14 years old when he was sexually assaulted by Father James Brennan after years of grooming the victim and his family.

The jury was expected to hear the alleged sordid details outlined in the grand jury report.

Father Brennan has pleaded not guilty.  His attorney, William J. Brennan (no relation), told the jury in his opening statement that Father Brennan didn’t do anything wrong, and Brennan will challenge the alleged victim, highlighting his criminal history, including convictions for theft, forgery, and false reports to authorities.

The defense contends he has a proclivity to falsely implicate others in criminal activity.