By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The defense in the Philadelphia clergy child abuse case (see related stories) used some prosecution evidence today in the defense of Msgr. William Lynn, charged with endangering children by allowing predatory priests to remain in ministry.

Testimony has continued to focus on a despicable letter allegedly written by a priest to a boy soliciting sex — a letter that was never sent (see related story).

The defense has presented evidence through cross-examination that Lynn acted within days of learning of the letter, talking to Father Michael Murtha and ordering Murtha to treatment.

The defense told the jury Lynn did his job, but he was not responsible for priest placements.

But the prosecution contends that Lynn did play a significant role in priest placements.

Murtha remained in active ministry for many years and was later found with one thousand images of pornography, including several images of possible child pornography.  Murtha has not been charged with any crimes.