By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – An official texting lane is installed across the street from Philadelphia City Hall, along JFK Boulevard. It’s an April Fools joke meant to send a message.

The lines painted on the sidewalk here are an ironic way to point out the dangers of texting while walking. The joke went right over the heads, or under the feet, of people walking through the lane until it was explained to them.

“I think it’s funny for April Fools. It’s a great idea.”

“If they’re texting, they’re not going to see it.”

Steve was willing to admit what most wouldn’t.

“I walk around and text myself.”

Reporter: “Have you ever walked into traffic or a pole?”

“Yeah, yeah I have.”

Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler says the lines will be there for about a week.

“It’s a very serious campaign for distracted pedestrians, so there will be on going PSAs.”

She says she sees near misses on Philadelphia streets every single day because people aren’t paying attention.