By Hadas Kuznits

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new survey indicates many kids are feeling a lot of pressure when it comes to team sports.

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The i9 Sports survey found that 84 percent of children wished they had more fun while playing team sports, with nearly a third of those who responded admitting they wished their parents were not watching because they were too distracting.

Folks here in Philadelphia say they can relate:

“I mean, I’ve heard some stories where parents are like really just insane or attacking other parents and it’s just a game.”

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“I remember even as a child, like at my brother’s baseball game they had to ask the parents to leave even then so yeah, parents definitely get way too involved way too young and I think they just need to step back and let the kids have fun.”

1 in 5 children say they’ve witnessed a physical fight between players and 36 percent of children say they’ve witnessed a verbal fight between parents:

“I think it’s because parents think it reflects on them somehow, so they get so involved.”

“I think it’s kind of absurd under about middle school age. It’s about fun and it’s about social skills not necessarily about competition and parents need to back off!”

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