By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Don’t blink or you’ll miss them. With our accelerated Spring this year, you have to be quick to catch what’s happening – such as the cherry blossoms.

While Washington DC is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its cherry blossom festival (even though many of them peaked a week ago), it’s good to know that our area has thousands of cherry trees to enjoy and, being further north, ours are still blooming. Greater Philadelphia Gardens has put together a handy guide you can download at to help you find cherry trees around here, detailing over 50 varieties, some blooming sooner and others later, giving you a chance to glance before they blow away like pale pink confetti.

From Fairmont Park to area arboretums to college campuses, cherry blossom beauty is fabulous and fleeting – and that’s the point. Cherry blossom celebrations remind us that many of the best things in life pass quickly, so get your Cherry Blossom Guide and take a ride to enjoy them before they’re gone.