sara visomirski Blogger: Sara Visomirski

Sara Visomirski is the Director of Creative Services for CBS3 and The CW Philly and smitten mother to Matthew (8) and Mia (7).  She balances her 50+ hour work week with being a mom by relying on Tom, her calm and selfless stay-at-home-for-now husband to handle almost everything on the home front.  But even with someone at home wrangling homework, dinner, and the family’s finances there are still those times when being a working mom/family breadwinner is a challenge.  Philadelphia is the 3rd major US city in which Sara’s young family has lived in the past 6 years.  Having 2 children born within 19 months of each other, Sara has learned a lot from and depended on her own working mom, her high-powered working sisters as well as from her working and stay-at-home girlfriends, and is excited to share some nuggets of working mom goodness and funny stories here.

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