By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Autism is not one disease. ASD, autism spectrum disorder is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders occurring in all ethnic and socioeconomic groups affecting every age group.

ASD has increased by 17% since the late 90s and experts estimate 1 in every 110 children will have an ASD diagnosis, with males being four times more likely.

Children with an ASD have communication difficulties, repetitive stereotyped patterns of tone of voice or facial expressions. They may not respond to their names, often avoid eye contact, and have difficulty interpreting what others are thinking or feeling because they can’t understand social cues.

There are now more resources for families and teachers on ASD. Monmouth College in New Jersey offers online courses and special certificates.

Karen Krivit of Elwyn has compiled a comprehensive guide listing services such as pediatric evaluations; special needs dentists; after school and summer camp programs; respite care; parent support groups and more.

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