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By David Madden

MARCUS HOOK, Pa. (CBS) – Delaware County has authorized a $100,000 study to look into potential new uses for the shut-down Sunoco oil refinery in Marcus Hook.

County Council chairman Tom McGarrigle expects findings from the Industrial Development Authority in a couple months.

“We hope this study will provide guidance for the county, state officials and the local municipality, plus the property owner, to make an informed decision about the future use of the Sunoco refinery property.”

He made the announcement in the shadow of not only the closed Sunoco facility, but the idled ConocoPhillips plant, which is not part of this study.

Why? It’s a matter of the companies deciding whether to get out of refining at both sites.

“Sunoco has completed their process and it’s now time to seek new opportunities. ConocoPhillips’s process is still continuing.”

Hopes are to bring new business to this community, which is bracing for a major hit to its earned income tax base next year. But, there is still some optimism for the Conoco plant, since there’s quiet talk that there may be someone interested in buying the Trainer refinery.

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