By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There are Republican primary elections in Louisiana and Alabama Tuesday. Rick Santorum and Next Gingrich hope to pick up a few delegates in the traditionally conservative states.

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While they’re stumping on the campaign trail, a new survey shows that the high price of gasoline is taking its toll on President Obama’s hopes of re-election (see related story).

The CBS News national survey shows that money talks in an election year. Since the last survey, President Obama’s approval rating has dropped from 50 to 41 percent, a drop attributed to rising prices at the pump.

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Fifty four percent believe strongly that the President can do a lot to hold down gas prices.

Meanwhile, his disapproval rate has gone up to 47-percent.

Head-to-head against the Republicans, he is only up three points over Mitt Romney, four points over Rick Santorum.

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One bright spot: the president has large leads over the Republicans among women voters.