By Michelle Durham

CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) – There will be a daylong conference this Saturday at Widener University, called “Deepening Men’s Relationships.” It focuses on men’s feelings and societal norms that seem to force many men and boys to shelve their feelings, putting them at increased risk for aggressive physical behavior and becoming an absentee partner or parent later in life.

Media Psychologist Dr. Robert  Heasley, a Professor of Sociology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, says the conference is an important one to attend, “for any of us involved in raising boys. As men ourselves really having the chance to sit and really think about what are the messages we received growing up? What gets in our way in feeling connected to other people? Having the life we want? Those are the issues we are going to be addressing.”

Bala Cynwyd Psychiatrist and University of Pennsylvania Professor Dr. Rob Garfield says the issue of raising boys who can express their feelings should not just fall to their mother.

“Our stance has been to work to get men to step up to the plate with their boys, taking some of the pressure off of our wives, who get the job of ‘well you are the people who teach boys how to have feelings…and that’s stupid!'”

Both say boys who grow up not to be in touch with their feelings are also at higher risk for suicide. More information about the conference at

Conference date: March 17th

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Place: Widener University’s Main Campus in Lathem Hall

13th and Potter Streets, Chester, Pa.

Price :$95 or $75 for students.

Continuing education credits are available for an additional $25.