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By Jay Lloyd

If you can’t make it to Dublin, Galway or Belfast for St. Patrick’s Day, consider planning a daylong getaway that brings Irish tradition a lot closer.

150,000 marchers cram Fifth Avenue in nearby New York for the world’s most vibrant St. Patrick’s Day parade.

On the serious side, the Lower East Side Tenement Museum offers a glimpse of life for an immigrant Irish Family, the Moores in the 1860’s and, of course, New York is awash in Irish pubs.

You can sample it all in one day.

The Tenement Museum at Orchard and Delancey takes you to a typical apartment occupied by early Irish immigrants and through carefully preserved artifacts tells their story.

Then a peek at the parade which is legend — and finally a pub visit.

I favor McGee’s on 55th between Broadway and 8th Avenue. It’s the chicken pot pie and Smithwicks beer that triggers memories of an Ireland visit.

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