By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police are sending a warning about pickpockets to businesses, homes, and hotels in Center City.

The three people suspected in this rash of pickpockets are no strangers to police. Investigators say the trio has more than 95 arrests between them. The man on the left is in custody, authorities are searching for the others.

At times they work alone, other times, as a team. Ninth district commanding officer Captain Daniel MacDonald says they’ll prey on people who are just trying to lend a hand.

“You know, somebody goes to assist the person who gets stuck in the door, stuck in the elevator door, or trips coming off a bus, they go to help them, they’re distracted when the other person moves in.”

And snatches wallets and other belongings, Captain MacDonald says they’ve been spotted using stolen credit cards, often before the victim even realizes the cards are gone.

He says nothing is off-limits to these crooks as they’ve targeted apartment and office buildings, museums, entertainment venues — even hospitals. 

One of the three is in custody.

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