By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – We’ll get our first look at Apple’s new iPad this afternoon.

iPads are sold in WiFi and 3G flavors, but this iPad HD (or iPad 3, or whatever they call it…) is likely to get a wireless speed boost:

“Maybe the new one will support 4G LTE.”

Joe Pollicino with the tech blog Engadget says (via Skype) it’ll need a better battery to support such a power-hungry connection:

“The new device would be slightly thicker with a bigger camera hole and a little bit of a more tapered design to hide that it’s thicker.”

Apple is expected to bump the screen resolution for crisper text.

Then there’s talk that they’ll roll out a smaller, cheaper iPad — or an iPad 2 with less memory and a lower price tag.  Just rumors, though, for now.


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