By Brad Segall

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — A Lower Merion woman has been ordered held for trial, accused of making false allegations against two Lower Merion police officers at a public meeting last year and then lying about it to a grand jury.

The charges against Gabrielle Drexler include perjury, tampering with evidence, and making false reports to police.

The 26-year-old Bryn Mawr woman went before the township commissioners last spring and accused one officer of groping and stalking her and a second of illegally detaining her (see previous story).

But the grand jury found that she had a relationship with one of the officers and got mad when she found out he was married with children.

“When it’s an accusation of sexual assault that’s not true, we have to aggressively prosecute that person because it’s a setback, I think, for women who are legitimately victims for someone to come out and lie about it,” prosecutor John Gradel told KYW Newsradio this morning.

Gradel says Drexler altered e-mails so that would support her claims against the two officers.

Drexler remains free on $50,000 bail.