By Hadas Kuznits

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new survey reveals the biggest pet peeves at the gym.

A new survey by Fitness Magazine and Yahoo! Shine, indicated the biggest gripe of gym goers is:

“When people don’t wipe down the equipment after the use it.”

“Not wiping down your equipment after you’re done!”

“Sweat on the machines, always.”

“Do not leave sweaty stuff on the seat. That’s probably the worst!”

“Just wipe it down!”

In fact, 44 percent of those surveyed cited not wiping down machines as their biggest pet peeve.

People who talk loudly on their cell phones at the gym was a close second.

“I guess, now that everyone has iPhones, they use their phone as their iPod too, so they’re answering calls and I think that’s crazy.”

People who hog a machine was #3 on the list, followed by gym show-offs.

“It would be the guy who just sort of looks at himself in the mirror all the time!”

And rounding out the top five gym pet peeves is getting hit on while working out.