By Elizabeth Hur

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A vicious attack was caught on tape and police need your help identifying the attacker.

At least one person was knocked out by a cinder block during a nasty brawl. The brick was so heavy you can see in the video that the suspect could barely lift it.

The video will make you wince and wonder how the victims were not hurt more seriously. The suspect is seen on tape, using a large brick to knock one man unconscious. Then he picks up the brick again to pummel another man.

Darius Moore says he’s the one who took the first blow and blacked out, “It could have been a lot worse. I could have lost an eye. I could not have been here.”

Moore says he spent three days in the hospital with multiple facial fractures and doctors told him he now has permanent optical nerve damage and will need to wear glasses to drive. He didn’t need glasses prior to this incident.

Moore added, “Once I saw the video, I was like I couldn’t believe that was me. I don’t remember that happening at all.”

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Moore’s friend, the second victim seen on tape is also now recovering at home. It happened February 5th shortly before 2am outside the Penthouse Club. Moore was there to celebrate a friend’s 21st birthday.

Moore’s mother, LaTanya said, “What upsets me the most is that these kids grew up together. They’re good guys. They’re not trouble makers and they just went out to have a good time.”

The heart broken mother wishes someone from the club would have stepped in, someone would have done something to prevent what she believes was a senseless attack. For now, all the Moores can do is pray for justice.

“He had to have known what he was doing. He didn’t think that was just going to be a scratch and that was ok,” LaTanya added.

Police say the suspect is approximately 30-40 years-of-age, balding with black hair, wearing a white shirt at the time of the attack.

Police say if you see this male do not approach him, contact 911 immediately.

To submit a tip via telephone, dial 215.686.TIPS (8477).

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