By Elizabeth Hur

DARBY, Pa. (CBS) — The search is on for more suspects and victims in a violent sexual assault in Darby.

“In the olden days, they can take a cat and nine tails and whip these guys. That’s what they ought to do to these guys. That’s how much anger I have in me right now,” Chief Robert Smythe said.

Those stern words came at a news conference following the arrests of 22-year-old Emmanuel Benson and 27-year-old Henry Besson. The two men have been charged in what investigators call an unspeakable crime against a 19-year-old female.

Smythe explained, “The victim was forced to consume a large amount of alcohol, was physically beaten, bound by both the wrist and ankles by using belts and eventually raped.”

According to police, the victim called 911 from a Darby home in the 700 block of Pine Street. It was early Tuesday morning, she told police she was attacked the night before and woke up naked from the waist down and her bra unhooked and pushed up above her breasts.

Smythe added, “She’s a very good, kind decent person that doesn’t drink, doesn’t use drugs that has been put through a horrible traumatic situation.”

Also troubling is what police found this in the basement, a makeshift hanging device made up of duct tape and a bandana.

“It very possibly could have been used to tie someone up and hang them from that point and also gag them from making any noises,” Smythe said.

Police say the victim lived in the Pine Street home with her attackers. Police called it a boarding house full of code violations thus the house has since been condemned. Neighbors are relieved to hear there’s been an arrest but admit they are worried to learn the investigation is far from over.

Terry Swinehart said, “Oh my God, yea that makes me feel horrified.”

Les Swinehart added, “I hope there are no more victims out there. One victim is bad enough.”

22-year-old Benson is being held on $250,000 cash bail on charges of Criminal Conspiracy, Rape, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Indecent Assault, Indecent Assault and Unlawful Restraint.

27-year-old Besson is being held on $200,000 cash bail on charges of Criminal Conspiracy, Unlawful Restraint and False Imprisonment.

Smythe added, “We will not rest until we find out everybody that was in that house that did that to this poor child.”

The two men and other suspects may face additional charges, police say, after the results from the evidence are returned from the lab.