5:41 Mitt Romney won the primaries in Michigan and Arizona last night.

mitt romney1 Stigall Show Log 2.29.12

Mitt Romney (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

 5:45 The Michigan Primary revealed Mitt Romney is still having trouble attacting conservatives.

6:11 Mayor Michael Nutter won’t comment on reports of a video existing where he spanks a woman at a bowling alley.

6:15 The Mayor also announced there will not be any new taxes in the 2013 budget.

6:42 Gay Activists are pushing Harvard to award posthumous degrees to seven gay students expelled in the 1920’s.

6:45 Philadelphian’s think their taxes are too high, and Council President Darrell Clarke thinks selling ad space on public buildings could be a way to offset the burden on taxpayers.

7:10 The public is divided over birth coverage.

7:13 Catholic backgrounds are impacting who gets selected for jury in the priest abuse case.

7:41 Mitt Romney said he’s “not willing to light his hair on fire” to get a bump in the polls.

8:10 Chris talks to Tom McGrath, editor of Philadelphia Magazine, about modern men in today’s society, and a piece written on Joe Paterno.

8:42 Chris talks to Paula Poundstone, who will be at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City on Saturday.

8:55 The PALCB will soon be unveiling an iPhone app.

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