5:40 Mitt Romney made another mistake on the campaign trail when talking about NASCAR.

5:56 Rick Santorum’s language on the campaign trail is too strident and intemperate.

6:11 WTXF-29 was talked out of airing a story showing Mayor Michael Nutter spank a blonde woman on the behind while bowling.

bowling Stigall Show Log 2.28.12

Bowling (Photo credit: SHAH MARAI/AFP/Getty Images)

6:42 Police Chief Charles Ramsey blamed the Daily News for having to re-hire a cop accused of stealing

7:11 Chris talks to the Mayor of Marcus Hook, James Schiliro, about the future of the Sunoco refining plant.

7:40 Chris talks with Dan Gross of the Daily News about media coverage of the story involving Mayor Michael Nutter patting a woman on the behind while bowling.

8:10 Chris talks to Daily News Reporter Chuck Darrow about the death of Atlantic City Executive, Dennis Gomes.