Mya and Veronica Dudo (credit: Tom Briglia/PhotoGraphics Photography)

Grammy Award Winner Mya, held her album release party at the Pool After Dark in Atlantic City over the weekend. The artist performed an energetic live set for fans at the Harrah’s Resort night club. Before taking the stage, Mya posed on the red carpet for photographers where she dished about her new album, her charity work and the first time she recorded music in Philadelphia.

Congratulations on the recent release of your album. What was your inspiration for your 7th studio album?

My fans. This is actually self-funded, self produced, self-owned on my label, Planet 9. It’s called K.I.S.S. Keep It Sexy and Simple is the definition for the acronym and this was just a boutique album that I was initially releasing in Japan but I wanted to service it to the world. I started with US Canada in December as a Christmas gift to my fans just digitally but now it’s physically available on my web store and we’ll put it in stores in a couple of months.

Now with your label are you looking to sign any other artists?

Yeah, eventually but right now obviously I’m the priority and the main focus. It’s Planet 9 and this is actually my fourth release on Planet 9 so the first two were in Japan and then I produced a mixed taped that came out in 2010 so this is actually the first world album coming out on my label.

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Are you planning a tour?

I’m actually on tour right now; we just got back from Europe on a promotional tour but we did some performances and the world-wide tour in arenas and all that stuff after the music videos have been released etc.

To look for that, just check out your website?

Website–I’m actually going to Jamaica to launch the first video featuring a dance-hall artist named Spice it appears on the world version as well. We’re going to start slow and K.I.S.S. is just a boutique album–I’m actually in the studio recording two other projects right now.

Do you ever get the chance to visit Philadelphia?

Yes, yes I do. I do a lot of recording in Philadelphia. I actually started at Sigma Sound in 1998.

Do you have any upcoming movies?

The Heart Specialist is out on DVD right now; it came out in theaters in September of last year but yes, there are others coming out that I maybe filmed like three years ago (laughs) I’m not going to speak on it just yet.

Which charities are you currently working with?

Well, The North Shore Animal League is one of my first loves. I’m a pet owner as well as animal lover and I ran the 26.2 mile marathon in New York City last November for the Animal League who I’ve been an activist for, for many years and TMATF is The Mya Arts and Tech Foundation based in my hometown Washington D.C. so that stands for obviously educating children and providing them with services in the inner city and I’m Miss. Mya during the summer months between I’d say June and September when school is out and I teach sound engineering as a part of the many curriculum’s that we offer.

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Photo Credit: Tom Briglia/PhotoGraphics Photography