By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – These are anxious times, no doubt, but too many people who wrestle with anxiety are losing, and a Philadelphia psychologist has practical advice on breaking its grip.

People are hard-wired to be cautious, says psychologist Tamar Chansky, but with one in four Americans having some sort of anxiety disorder, worry has outgrown its usefulness.

“The worry becomes bigger than the person. They can’t shut it off, so their real life may be going okay but the worry, sort of the way the worries are telling the story, they have to be on guard all the time. No one’s trying to make themselves miserable but it just becomes a habit of listening to worry, valuing it and responding to the stress of it.”

So Dr. Chansky has crafted the book “Free Yourself from Anxiety” which promises four simple steps to put worry in its place, with chapter by chapter and issue by issue applications of those steps to common anxieties.

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