By Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Frustration reached new levels as more tires turn up slashed in Northeast Philadelphia.

Vandals have now struck four times across Mayfair so far this month. First it was graffiti, most recently slashed tires. Investigators don’t believe the vandals behind the graffiti are the same ones responsible for slashed tires.

Sue Capella’s family and her neighbor were the two most recent victims.

Capella said, “If I knew how to take tires off, I would probably take all four off every night and put them back on in the morning. It’s that frustrating.”

This is the third time in two weeks the Capellas woke up to find their tire slashed. This latest incident, according to police, happened at the corner of Aldine and Erdrick Streets some time Thursday overnight.

Sgt. Dennis Rosenbaum said, “It’s the third incident where all the victims are on the same block.”

Reason why police believe this is the work of the same vandal or vandals who struck before, slashing tires of cars belonging to residents on the 4000 block of Aldine Street since last Monday.

Rosenbaum added, “We’re talking, now we’re over two dozen vehicles altogether and each incident and each vehicle is a separate charge.”

In all, police have reports from owners of 31 cars. Police say if this is meant to be a prank, no one is laughing. They’ve increased patrols in the area and the neighborhood Town Watch president is confident it’s just a matter of time before they track down the vandals.

Milt Martelack, Mayfair Town Watch President, said, “There’s an old saying if you play with fire long enough, you’re going to get burnt.”

Capella added, “Hopefully the police or somebody else will catch them and make them pay, restitution.”

Damages are estimated to be thousands of dollars. Police say they fully intend to make vandals pay when they are caught. In the meantime, police say they have officers out on foot, bikes and even in plain clothes, patrolling the neighborhood around the clock. They say they are doing whatever it takes to put an end to this.

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