By Pat Loeb

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — Patco high-speed line passengers are getting lessons in etiquette.   The Delaware River Port Authority, which operates the Speedline, is trying to address commuter complaints about rude riders.

A video on Patco’s web site offering humorously helpful tips on what not to do on the train is just part of the “Courtesy Counts” campaign, launched after a rider survey found four recurring complaints.

“Number one, don’t hog a seat…”

Most Patco riders — indeed, commuters everywhere — have likely had experience with the offenses.  In addition to seat hogging, there’s blocking the door, playing loud music, and talking loudly on your cell phone.

“The doctor says I just have a rash, but I can’t scratch it. I’m on the train!”

Patco president John Matheussen says the video is meant as a gentle reminder.

“And we hope it has an impact on people when they travel on our trains,” he tells KYW Newsradio.

Matheussen says Patco is also taking steps to address those noise issues.  Beginning March 1st, the last car of every train during the morning and evening rush will be quiet cars.

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