5:40 President Obama released his 2013 budget yesterday.

5:48 Investors Business Daily calls the President’s Budget irresponsible.

6:10 Chris talked to Governor Tom Corbett yesterday on a variety of issues.

6:40 Chris talks to Attorney Gregory Gianforcaro about the recent rulings in favor of Jerry Sandusky.

7:10 A retired Philadelphia police officer is protesting with Occupy Philadelphia while wearing his uniform.

7:13 Occupy Protesters also marched on Comcast to serve a petition demanding the cable network add Al-Jazeera to their lineup.

7:40 Chris talks to Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick about President Obama’s 2013 budget.

8:10 Nancy Grace is suspicious that someone may have contributed to the death of Whitney Houston.

nancy grace Stigall Show Log 2.14.12

Nancy Grace (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

8:16 Tony Bennett says drugs should be legalized to prevent the deaths of people like Whitney Houston.

8:49 Barbara Walters defended Rick Santorum’s comments about stay-at-home moms on the view.