5:41 Speaker of the House, John Boehner, said that Congress will take up actions to reverse the President’s executive order on contraception.

5:58 Shippensburg University is offering the morning after pill in a vending machine.

6:12 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called on the Executive Director of the NJEA to resign after telling parents that “life’s not always fair.”

6:41 Philadelphia is trying to string together the longest line gang in honor of Soul Train’s Don Cornelius.

6:44 Chris Christie also came out strongly in support of Israel against Iran’s Nucler Program.

6:54 PETA is suing SeaWorld for enslaving whales.

7:25 Boston Bruins Goaltender Tim Thomas came out in oppositon of the President’s decision on contraception.


Tim Thomas (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

7:40 Inquirer and Daily News editors have apparently spiked stories and edited published stories on their website about potential buyers for the papers. 

7:42 Ed Rendell leading a group to buy the Inquirer and Daily News would be a disaster and wouldn’t serve the journalistic interests of the city.

8:10 Chris talks to Jeremy Witkins, who developed the PicsChecker phone app to let parents more easily monitor the pictures their kids take with cell phones.