By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A sticky-fingered Philadelphia police officer today pleaded guilty to stealing money from a woman he thought was a panhandler.  She was actually an undercover officer, and he was caught in a sting.

Former officer Kevin Workman, 48, was sentenced today to three years’ probation.  The 21-year veteran, who had been assigned to the 2nd District in Northeast Philadelphia, was fired after his arrest last year.

“Police had tips Officer Workman had a case of sticky fingers and was taking money from people he was arresting,” says prosecutor Michael Bonner, “so the Internal Affairs department set up an undercover sting in which they placed an undercover officer out in the community posing as a panhandler and gave her prerecorded money.”

Bonner says Workman quickly took the bait, taking $352 from the undercover officer and then letting her go.

Workman was arrested and the money was recovered (see previous story).

Workman has also been ordered to repay a couple of hundred dollars he stole from two other victims. He did not comment in court.