CBS Philly Celebrates

Black History Month


By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Known as “Philly’s Rock Star,” Curt Chambers is a singer, songwriter, and musician. The Nicetown native has graced the stage with superstars such as rapper Eminem and hip-hop mogul P-Diddy.

His sound is unique — it fuses soul, rock, pop, and hip-hop.

Chambers says just being in Philadelphia helped lead him to music as a career.

“I kind of got kidnapped by the whole ‘Roots’ crew and movement in high school, and started out playing with the Jazzy Phat Nasties and Jaguar, and was a part of that Black Lillie movement. That was really where I developed my movement as a musician and a songwriter,” he recalls.

Chambers says he loves many things about Philadelphia, including the food — Silk City Diner at 5th and Spring Garden is one of his favorites.

But the thing he loves most, he says, is “the heart and passion of the city. It’s aggressive and it’s real. They’ll let you know if they feel you or not.”

Chambers, who has been nominated for a Grammy for his songwriting, and will be releasing a new solo album, “One Way Ticket.”

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