By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mayor Michael Nutter next week is expected to make public a consultant’s study on whether the city could — and should — sell the Philadelphia Gas Works.

For years, some elected and non-elected officials have called on the city to get out of the gas business and solve some of its financial woes in one fell swoop — by selling PGW.

“This has been a topic of discussion for years, now three administrations have looked at PGW.”

Mayor Nutter says next week he will release the latest such consultant’s study.

“(It’s) a detailed analysis of what would be involved, and what the possibilities are, if PGW were to be sold to a private entity.”

Nutter wouldn’t give us any hints of the report’s conclusions. His comments come just two weeks after members of the state Public Utility Commission publicly voiced frustration that the report had not yet been released.