PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eight-year-old Rhyian says he and his 10-year-old brother, Brandon, have a blast doing all sorts of things together.

“Like playing with toys!” he says.

What kind of toys?


Their social worker, Luis Santiago, says, “Sometimes I think that Rhyian gets on Brandon’s nerves a little bit. But that’s just part of being brothers.”

(Rhyian:)  “A little bit. Brandon gets on my nerves and I get on his nerves.”

But Rhyian says he can’t imagine being without his brother.

” ‘Cause I’ll be scared without my brother — I’m serious,” he says.

Both of the boys have developmental challenges, so their social worker says they need permanent parents who can dedicate the time to their educational needs.

“These kids really need a family or parents that can be involved full time,” Santiago tells KYW Newsradio.   “I mean, they need to participate in all the meetings that the school requires, to make sure that they get what they need.”

Most importantly, he says, these two need to stick together.

“They have never been separated, so they’re extremely bonded to each other, so I think that they must continue this journey together.”

For more information, go to the web site of the Adoption Center of Delaware Valley,

Reported by Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio 1060
Produced by Timothy McLaughlin

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