By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There will be NO unemployment checks for Arlene Ackerman.

KYW Newsradio has confirmed that the state Labor Department has denied the former Philadelphia schools superintendent’s unemployment claim.

In an email to KYW Newsradio, Ackerman said, “Yes, it was denied. I got the letter more than three weeks ago. Though encouraged to do so, I decided not to appeal the decision. I am moving on and Philadelphia is a closed chapter in my life. I pray for the children of Philadelphia…..that is all that I can do now.”

Ackerman left the school district in August with a $905,000 buyout, and ignited a public outcry when she later filed for unemployment benefits.

The school district, as part of its separation agreement with Ackerman, agreed not to fight any unemployment claim she might file. The school district would have had to foot the bill for the $573 a week Ackerman would have collected.