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5:41 Chris Christie called a critic “numb-nuts” yesterday at a press confernce regarding his proposal to hold a voter referendum on gay marriage.

5:56 Newt Gingrich is being sued for using Eye of the Tiger as a campaign song.

6:11 Philadelphia based Pep Boys is being acquired for about $1 Billion.

6:28 DVD’s will soon be available from Joe Paterno’s memorial service.

6:43 Juan Castillo will remain the Eagles Defensive Coordinator.

6:46 Brian Goldman, who was assaulted by three teens at 15th and Chesnut, published an editorial about bystanders not intervening.

7:11 Reince Priebus compared President Obama to the Captain of the Costa Concordia, sparking outrage from Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

7:14 President Obama has a back and forth with a woman during an online town hall whose husband is having a hard time getting a job.

7:41 Chris talks to Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano to follow up on the possiblility of imposing beach fees and about seasonal workers filing for unemployment.

7:55 Former New Jersey Governor and MF Global Chairman Jon Corzine testified that money his firm lost last year “vaporized.”

8:42 Mitt Romney sings God Bless America.

8:43 A member of Rick Santorum’s staff corrected a report stating he brought his sick daughter to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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