By Tim Jimenez

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Travel and Leisure Magazine named the rudest cities in the country and Philadelphia was on the list, but improved from last year’s ranking. Does that mean Philadelphians are nicer?

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“The City of Brotherly Love” was named the third rudest city in the magazine a year ago but this year the city fell eight spots to number 11. According to a non-scientific poll in Center City, residents say people still have a lot of work to do at minding their manners.

“Say hello to somebody without expecting a strange look in return as if you’re being some kind of alien creature,” said Aaron, a former Western Pennsylvania native. “I’m just not used to that. When I was stationed in Idaho, there was a very friendly community in Boise. It’s a night and day difference with Philadelphia.”

“Spitting on the street is something that as a non-Philadelphian, who became a Philadelphian, I notice a lot,” said one woman who is originally from Chicago (14th on the list).

Is chivalry dead? Yes, according to Willard, a Center City bike courier.

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“Women open their own doors in Philly,” he said. “When men get in a car, a woman has to open her own door. He should have opened the door before he got in the car!”

Others say there aren’t enough please’s and thank you’s, too much littering, and a lot of expletives thrown around on the street. A bike courier says he gets his share of ‘greetings’ on the road, but not as much this time of year.

“It’s been cold so windows have been up and I haven’t heard any of it,” he said.

Some blamed fast-paced life in the city for the Philly “attytood,” but many said, in this case, at least the city is not number one. Which city was the rudest? A former resident of that city explains.

“In New York, everyone’s in their own little world. Everyone’s staring at the ground. You know, people really don’t exist over there.”

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However, the magazine did list Philadelphia as a top five city for burgers and street food which could explain the drop in the rudeness ranking. It is rude, after all, to talk with your mouth full.