By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The parents of the teens who are attending Philadelphia Archdiocesan High Schools that are closing have to quickly make a decision about where their child will go next year.

Carol’s daughter is a Junior at St. Hubert’s and she’s considering a change to a charter high school but there’s a waiting list for seniors so she’d have to transfer this year.

“Because their semesters are not exactly parallel, she could go into the charter school but she’d have to go when their semester began so she could get credit for the second half of the year.”

Carol says the decision is agonizing.

“She’ll miss her ring ceremony. Possibly her junior prom, just the shock of saying goodbye to her friends so quickly is a big issue for her right now.”

Nazareth Academy is taking some students. Principal Sister Mary Joan Jacob is a St. Hubert’s Grad.

“I can’t even imagine if I would have had to leave St. Hubert’s, my home for four years. I treasured it. What I want to do for these girls is to make them happy and to do the best that I can for them.”

Sister says all the parents just want what’s best for their child and they’re now trying to determine what that is.


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