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By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Several dozen people rallied today outside a Bank of America branch in center city Philadelphia to protest the involvement of big banks in the foreclosure crisis.

It was part of a “National Day of Action” against big banks, organized by the online group MoveOn.org.

At noon today outside the bank office at 16th and JFK Boulevard, protesters said they wanted to call attention to the fact that big banks were bailed out while millions of Americans still stand to lose their homes to foreclosure.

Local activist Cheri Honkala was one of the speakers:

“These big bankers get away with serious crimes and nothing happens to them. Do you  think this is wrong?”

“Yeah!” the crowd responded.

The demonstrators also want President Obama to investigate the banks and their role in the housing crisis.  The group marched to an Obama campaign office at 15th and Chestnut Streets to deliver petitions to that effect.

“Maybe we’re gonna vote for you, but give us a reason to do it,” shouted organizer Stan Shapiro outside the Obama office.  “And give us a reason now! You’re giving the State of the Union message in five days: tell us what you’re going to do about this mess.”

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