By David Madden

ABSECON, NJ (CBS) — An Absecon woman can lay claim to owning the smallest working dog on the planet, a two-and-a-half pound mini Yorkshire terrier that lives to make others happy.

The Guinness Book people were rather tough on little Lucy, forcing her owner, Sally Leone Montufar, to jump through a number of bureaucratic hoops before unseating the former record holder, a 6.6-pounder doing police work in Japan. So why did she even bother?

“Other people kept saying, ‘That’s the littlest dog I’ve ever seen. She’s tiny. Is she real? Does she wind up or does she use batteries? What is she?’” Montufar laughs.

When she rescued the pup almost three years ago, Lucy wasn’t in good shape. But she is now, and she makes the rounds at local hospitals, nursing homes and special schools.

Sally’s hope is that others will decide to take in an animal in need. Not only will they have a friend for life, but that animal will provide joy and help in return.