By David Madden

Philadelphia (CBS) – No ruling from a Philadelphia federal judge on a lawsuit filed by the Chester Upland School District that seeks to force Pennsylvania education officials to advance them subsidy payments so they can make payroll next week.

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Judge Michael Baylson held a conference call with attorneys for both sides. They’ve been trying to come to some accord on the funding situation, which came to a head last month when the district asked for $18.7 million and the state said no, citing ongoing disagreements with the school board over spending and operations.

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“The district and the department will continue to have discussions related to the financial issue at hand and we’ll work toward a resolution to ensure that schools are uninterrupted,” says Tim Eller, a spokesman for the Department of Education.

Some 500 Chester Upland employees face a payless payday next week without an agreement, although workers have by and large promised to remain on the job.

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