By Ian Bush

Philadelphia (CBS) – The tech world has plenty of new TVs, tablets, and ultrabooks to look forward to after the Consumer Electronics Show this past week in Las Vegas. But with 20,000 products introduced, there are bound to be a few that fall under the radar.

With MakerBot’s Replicator, your computer-designed creations come off the printed page.

“Whatever your imagination can come up with, this thing can print out a plastic-like object of it.”

In two colors, says CNET senior editor Bridget Carey.

“I’ve seen someone use this machine to create plastic shoes, and she was walking around wearing them.”

Ink jet cartridges are expensive enough, but printing in 3D is not too far out of this world.

“For about $1300, you can have a machine that will make these objects, or you can use a web service to create it and have them ship one to you.”

Pricey, yes — but not unattainable for what could be a refresh for mom-and-pop printing businesses.

Carey also likes Simple.TV, which grabs free local HD channels and puts them in app form to watch on the go. And Samsung offers a vacuum-tube speaker dock for streaming tunes and connecting its devices and Apple’s.