By Lesley Van Arsdall

The Sixers are playing really well, winning seven of their last eight games. They are first in the Atlantic division, three games over the Celtics and two over the Knicks, and are off to their best start since 2000 (when they won ten in a row).

The only glaring issue is that there really is no superstar and in a league like the NBA, superstars put butts in seats… Like the 76ers did with Allen Iverson was the star.

Here’s a couple selling points for the team.

They have youth and a lot of talent. They all come off the bench, work hard and run their opponents into the ground. They are exciting to watch and they are nice guys.

What’s not to like?

And unlike Iverson this team APPRECIATES “practice.” They also know what a great coach they have and don’t challenge him.

No there is no superstar, but they are an exciting team to watch. And I think that should be enough to bring out a crowd.

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