By Cherri Gregg

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Subway passengers in New York City have faced jail time or worse for breaking the train’s etiquette rules according to recent article in the New York Times.  But could that happen here in Philadelphia?

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The New York Times reports that New Yorkers are routinely arrested for putting their feet on a subway seat and the report cites several egregious examples of passengers being fined, jailed and even deported for committing such faux paus.

SEPTA launched an etiquette campaign about a year ago asking passengers to be polite to fellow commuters, but SEPTA spokesman Richard Maloney says you won’t go to jail if you break the rules.

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“The whole concept that if you are going to do something wrong, like putting your foot on the seat, you’re going to be arrested sends the wrong message to our customers. It’s a matter of respect for one’s self and a matter of respect for fellow commuters.”

Maloney says rules like no smoking or eating on the train are meant to make the ride more enjoyable for all. He says police intervention is reserved for only the worst offenses.

“If someone is going to be a jerk and be egregious with their social activities, we’ll take care of that with our personnel and our police.”

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