By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Following two weekend debates, the GOP candidates for president are rounding the final turn in New Hampshire.

Depending on the poll, Mitt Romney is up by 19 to 25 points. However, in the past few days, former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman has been climbing; in some surveys near 18 percent.

So far, Rick Santorum has not received much of a bounce from Iowa and Newt Gingrich is still looking at South Carolina where he is six points behind Romney.

All this brings up the question: Is Romney invincible on his way to the Republican nomination? It would appear so but appearances in this contest can be deceiving.

No one expected the Santorum surge and the entire field was shocked when Newt Gingrich political action committee got a $5 million check from a Nevada businessman this week.

Gingrich, angry over Romney’s ad attacks in Iowa, is already on-air in South Carolina trying to bring the frontrunner down.

Also, another question to ask is about independents. They can vote in the New Hampshire primary so who will they go with?

Inevitable? Maybe. Is the race over? Not yet.