By Ian Bush

Philadelphia (CBS) – The Gregorian calendar has served us well for centuries, but is there a better way to schedule our lives? A couple college professors certainly think so.

“It’s a pain.”

Richard Conn Henry is an astrophysicist at Johns Hopkins, but what he really wants to do is toss the current calendar into a black hole.

“I don’t like it because it jumps around.”

We just celebrated Christmas on a Sunday, but it’ll fall on a Tuesday in 2012 – so businesses and schools have to undertake the “effort and expense” of re-setting their schedules each year.

He and an economist propose a new way: the Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar.

“It would be identical year after year after year.”

Although we’d need a ‘leap week’ to stay on seasonal track every five years or so and your birthday would always fall on the same day, or it would be lost – only September, March, June and December would have 31 days.

“You’d have to celebrate it on a different day.”

Not accurate, but convenient, Henry says and with a big economic benefit. January 1st, 2017 is marked on his calendar as a start date.

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