By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Philadelphia Traffic Court judge who — according to sources — showed naked pictures of himself to a female employee — has now been suspended without pay.

The judge in question is Willie Singletary, elected to Traffic Court in 2007.  It was late last month, according a source within the First Judicial District, that Singletary showed a naked photo of himself on his cell phone to a female government employee.

Singletary’s attorney, William J. Brennan, confirms now that the judge has been suspended without pay by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  Brennan says no reason was given for the action.

“We are concerned that we haven’t received notice, and we will file the appropriate documents to request formal notice of what the allegation or allegations are that led to this action.”

Brennan said he only knows of the naked photo allegation through news reports, and he doubts the it is provable.

“Unless there’s some type of photograph or video, or some type of hard evidence, if that is the case, it would appear to be a ‘he said, she said’ scenario.”

Officials with the high court declined to comment on the matter.