“I’m Bill Minucci with DiBruno Brothers and here’s What’s Cooking on 1060.”

By Hadas Kuznits

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DiBruno Brothers had a great year as they expanded into the Ardmore Farmer’s Market, and then expanded their number of booths.

“You know, we base a lot of our decisions at DiBruno Brothers on what our customers want.  The customers asked for more lunch options and in order to meet those requests, we had to take more space on.”

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Moving on from lunch to dinner, the Walnut Street Supper Club is now open at 12th and Walnut Streets.  General Manager James McManaman says here, the entire staff sings.

“It feels like you’re walking into a 1940’s post-war supper club.  The boys have just come home from the war and the gals and wives want to go out and celebrate and dance and be around other people that are laughing and clapping and singing.”

How’s the food?

“We’re not a foodie place, but we’re a great tasting Italian and American dishes that are just hearty and delicious.”

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Over at Cuba Libre, concept chef partner Guillermo Pernot is focusing on the food.  So much in fact, that he traveled to Cuba this year to bring back guest chefs that will be cooking special meals this month.

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Guillermo Pernot (center) learns from chefs in Cuba. (Photo provided by Cuba Libre)

“They are creating great flavors.  That’s why I wanted to bring the chef to the United States to do this event, to show people what the Cubans really are cooking.”

And he says the best chefs know their history.

“Cuba has a lot of influence from Africa, China — there is the Chino-Cubano cuisine that exists — it has the Spanish influence, the French influence, and of course in the 30’s and the 40’s, America had a huge influence in Cuba.”

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