By Larry Kane

Philadelphia (CBS) – During this holiday season, many people will be watching movies. A man, who has made some of those movies, spoke with KYW Special Contributor Larry Kane.

In 16 years, 38-year-old J.C. Spink, a 1990 Penn Charter graduate, has produced with his partner Chris Bender 25 films. You might know him best for the movie history of violence and the Hangover series. With no resources, how did the young duo get their start?

“Chris and I were roommates. We had a third bedroom and it just started out of our third bedroom. I think it probably cost $35,000 a year or $40,000 a year to run the company. We were just putting it on credit cards.”

They used credit cards and persistence.

During our inside look at life in the movie industry and since its holiday movie time, I asked him for his recommendations of special movies.

“I really love The Descendants which is not as comedic as they make it appear on the commercials. I really enjoyed Young Adult which again they made seem more comedic in the commercials. Two movies that I’ve seen recently that I absolutely loved were this Australian movie named Red Hill, which I thought was brilliant and something called The Guard. But The Guard might have come out a year and a half ago. It has Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle.”

Listen to extended interview…

He especially likes the Don Cheadle movie.

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