Among those who tucked into domestic rather than foreign travel this year was Jay Lloyd.

By Jay Lloyd

It was a year when many getaway enthusiasts really “bought American.”

The economy, unsettled conditions abroad, and a new interest in getaways closer to home translated into a series of ventures for Mary and me with little driving, no flying, and budget benefits.

For the first time in years, we returned to the Jersey shore and Cape May (see related “Getaway”).  We found changes born of growth, but nothing that diminished the pleasures of walking the beach, then sipping and supping at a profusion of restaurants.

Then there was sailing into Baltimore’s Inner Harbor (another related “Getaway”) to enjoy an evening of baseball at dynamic Camden Yards while dining on crab cakes and Polish sausage (another related “Getaway”).

But a succession of New York City getaways put the icing on the cake. There was a spring carriage ride in Central Park (related “Getaway”), a summer day tacking between Manhattan and Brooklyn by water taxi (photo above), and the ultimate two-night getaway that contrasted La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera with jazz on the Upper West Side (related “Getaway”).

Next year:  Canada!

Have a great New Year, wherever your own traveling shoes are pointing.


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